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What I talk about at work

Robertson, Adrian OOOH! And! New Nightmare on Elm Street teaser!
Walsh, Bridget (... I don't know they don't have the same guy as Freddy. It just won't be as scary or something
Robertson, Adrian Do you know who its going to be???
Walsh, Bridget (... no who?
Robertson, Adrian Jackie Earle Haley.
Walsh, Bridget (... Oh........well he is a scary little man. I don't see him haunting my dreams though
Robertson, Adrian Trust me.
Robertson, Adrian You only get to see his face for a split second but he seems like he could be MUCH scarier then regular freddy.
Robertson, Adrian Much more mostrous looking.
Robertson, Adrian Like instead of just having red blotchy skin, they make him look like his feauters were burned off and the voice...
Robertson, Adrian The voice dude...
Walsh, Bridget (... alright then it might be worth seeing
Walsh, Bridget (... :)
Walsh, Bridget (... I want to dive into that cultural history of horror book that Rob lent me
Walsh, Bridget (... see if they say anything about the 80s horror flicks
Walsh, Bridget (... Freddy and Jason and Chucky and Gremlins and junk
Walsh, Bridget (... the 80s were a really good time for campy horror
Robertson, Adrian Yeah they were.
Robertson, Adrian And that whole genre was sort of created by the bad drive in monster movies of the 60s.
Walsh, Bridget (... yeah the 90s and 00s kind of suck. Just a bunch of remakes
Robertson, Adrian Hey now.
Robertson, Adrian There were a lot of decent horror flicks to come out.
Walsh, Bridget (... c'mon you're so net even going to argue that point.
Walsh, Bridget (... !
Robertson, Adrian The final destination series was just as good as any of the 80s horror movies and it was an original idea.
Walsh, Bridget (... the were either classic horror movies like the mist or halloween just re-done, or they were Japanese remakes. I can't speak to the final destination movies since I've never seen them, but I'm saying overall it's the decade of the horror re-make
Walsh, Bridget (... and I don't know why I just made remake into a hyphenate, but my point is made!
Robertson, Adrian hahahahaha
Walsh, Bridget (... love you :)


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