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Work - It's getting to the time of year I love! People giving to charity and being awesome. It can be stressful the last two months of the year but I like being busy. I want to be particularly busy because I'm finding the higher I get the less work there is to do especially since I'm great at getting all my work done by 11 AM then dealing with one offs for the rest of the day.

Apartment - Is SUUUUUUper messy so I'm cleaning today. I think I'm giving up on decorating since I'm moving in less than a year. I have lots of little inspiration pics for the new place though and Adrian will really have to start to love my girly decorating sense.

Family - Mom is going to New Orleans to see her other two kids for Christmas. This is my first holiday without immediate family. I'm excited to have my first grown up holiday in my own place though. I want to take Tommy and Heather to the Medieval Manor the week of to see them and do something awesome with just the four of us.

That's it for now. You can follow some of my randomness at www.aspenacre.tumblr.com if you want. It's just a lot of bakin


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Oct. 18th, 2011 05:44 am (UTC)
Happy to hear that work isn't hell, and it's nice to know charity is still a big thing. Our apartment I'm sure is more of a wreck than yours. Right now there aren't even stairs leading from the back door to the back yard, and there is no counter space in the kitchen (at least it's clutter mess, not left over dishes and food mess) never mind the couch consuming the dining room. I bet you've cleaned by now, wish me luck?
Are you staying in the area, or moving somewhere strange and new?

Steph and I might actually be moving back to Mansfield fairly soon, I think this would be our first Thanksgiving with family in a while. She usually goes back for Christmas, I usually just pick up extra hours at work.

I haven't checked out the baking blog yet, but I will. Ever made brownies inside oranges? It's kind of strange and fun.
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