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This is a fucking bomb droppin on Beaver Cleaverville

leaving in my wake a trail of rainbow carnage

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4 April
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I'm a pepper, he's a pepper, she's a pepper, wouldnt you like to be a pepper too?
89 cent tacos, aliens, an american tail, ani difranco, anywhere that isnt here, art class, bad acting, bad rap, barbeques, beaker and bunsen, bearded men, being a dominatrix, being cool, being emotionally inept, bigfoot, bjork, blizzards, blues, bobbleheads, boondock saints, bread in a can, burned cds, buster keaton-esque things, c.k. dexter haven, cadbury creme eggs, candy necklaces, cannibals, carnivale, cary grant, cashews, ceilis, charlie chaplin, chicken, christmas, clue, coke, colin firth, country store pickles, crouching tiger hidden dragon, dairy queen, dancing, deep thoughts, dirty dancing (literally), doozers, driving without a permit, dubya's mistakes, egypt, empress orchid, entrepreneurship, feising, feldman's potato, fringy boots, frisbee, general sexiness, gloves, goldfish, grapes, great ideas, hamburger socials, hammer time, hanging, head lice, history channel, history class, homies, interpol, ireland, irish drunkards, jane austin, jefferson airplane, jim caviazel, jimmy stewart, johnny depp, katherine hepburn, kuhn's sausage pizza song, ladybugs, laughing at others, laughing at people, leather pants, live, living, lotr, main street parties, man whores, marion zimmer bradley, michael jackson, mix tapes, monarchy, movies, mr. brenin, muppets, music, my loyal subjects, my many husbands, nail polish, new orleans, november rain, old cars, old movies, orange roses, paul newman, paying it forward, peter lorre, pool, r.lee ermie, ramen noodles, reading, reesees fastbreaks, rolos, romance, rules of thumb, sausage pizza, sexual ambiguity, shaws supermarket, shoes, six feet under, sleeping, snow, space ghost, spontaneous combustion, storms, successful cons, suffolk university, super powers, super sexy men, swing dancing, tango, the croc hunter, the dresden dolls, the game of life, the goonies, the group, the loch ness monster, the mafia, things that are miniature, thunderstorms, tori amos, tornados, trading spaces, unintentional anorexia, vampires, vast, viggo mortensen (husband #1), willow, world of warcraft, wrestling, writing, ww2 (its interesting)

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